Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zanotti, Bangkok

This was a pretty disappointing dinner. I suppose I had been expecting more since this was suppose to be a talked about place and I had the idea that if it's so much on the wire, there has to be something about them that's great. The only thing about Zanotti that looked appealing was the ambiance.

I definitely didn't like the way starters were pre made with no good reason for doing so. The porcini and mushroom soup along with the eggplant with anchovies  as starters along with the amuse bouche were served so quickly that I hadn't even touched the first loaf from the bread bowl before they all had arrived. Lukewarm.  There was a primi piatti described as a creamy lamb pasta that was creamy in neither taste nor texture and had lamb without any gamey flavor drowned in rosemary. Drowning food in rosemary is one of my pet peeves.

Their Castelmagno cheese risotto wasn't something I could get exited about as well since the flavors wasn't the match of sharper cheeses and things became a little two dimensional before long. This I suppose was not their fault.

There are too much wait staff standing around and service was at best, ineffective.

Such a pity and waste of time.

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Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh I was at this restaurant and I thought the food was pretty good.. Hm.. at least I remember the tiramisu was good :)