Saturday, December 29, 2012

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice, Katong Shopping Centre

I've been told about this particular chicken rice stall at Katong Shopping Centre (865 Mountbatten Road, #B1-85/87 Katong Shopping Centre) by some friends, but hadn't had the opportunity to come by until today.

As things would have it, this one turned out to be noteworthy based on serveral attributes. For one, the chickens that they served were rather meaty and weren't boneless at all in spite of their name. The meat was tender and reminded me more than a little of the ones at Ming Kee. Interestingly, the serving of the chicken was topped with crispy deep fried bits of garlic which was something that one simply doesn't encounter in other chicken rice stalls. They also had the saltiest seasame/soy sauce that I've come across.

Their yellow looking rice belonged to the camp where it was more subtle in the aroma but was unfortunately a little too dry from what I normally prefer. Fortunately, their chilli was up to the job as accompaniment. 

What I did find myself liking with special mentions was their creamy chicken livers and two very tasty soup options loaded with soft cabbages and the other, pig stomach. Most delicious cabbage soup served with chicken rice I've ever had. The option of having azhar (lightly pickled here) on unlimited refills scored for me as these guys used chunky pieces of pineapple which if you thought about it, were actually pretty good with chicken rice.

One can even order sides of char siew, roasted pork belly and lup cheong (with large chunks of lard) from them. I certainly didn't have room to try them all in a seating

I wouldn't mind eating here again at all if I find myself back at Katong. The aftermath felt rustically like a sodium and salt overload with overtones of garlic. Hearty and greasy if you would, but it would also mean that I wouldn't want to be having these very often. Certainly different from the revisitabilty of Sin Kee which is still the top of my list to date.