Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, Liang Court

If anyone is wondering at the peculiar name of the place (177 River Valley Road, #B1-50 Meidi Ya Food Court, Liang Court Shopping Centre, tel : +65 6339 1111), it's a kitchen counter adjacent to Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru that specialises in Japanese omu rice.

Their soup of the day was a potato soup. It was creamy and had bits of cubed potatoes in it. Simple and comforting it was.

There were three basic sauces for the omu rice at Pecori. The mentaiko sauce was brimming with flavors of the seasoned pollack roe on a base of a rich creamy sauce. The richness of the sauce did feel heavy after a while, but something about its flavors kept us spooning mouth after mouth of the eggs, rice and sauce and shoveling them into our faces.

The demiglace sauce tasted pretty ordinary, but their accompanying hamburg was unexpectedly very good. It was really a thick ball of a meat patty that was stewed in a pot of gravy. The meat was not seared the least on the outside and had a bite texture akin to Chinese steamed pork patties. But the beefy flavors were very pronounced in here. In a good way. This was possibly the beefiest Japanese hamburg I've tasted so far.

Believe it or not, Pecori has fries that one can order on the side to stack more carbs onto the already carbo laden omu rice plates. This was probably little issue to the Japanese teenaged kids that were sitting beside us, wolfing both rice and fries down like they hadn't eaten for quite a while. Eating like they did for lunch for us was simply planning for a nap to happen. But their soft, soy sauce butter flavored fries which was probably not even French fried were very addictive. So addictive that we wiped an entire bowl out with relative ease even though there was already so much rice.

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