Monday, January 14, 2013

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, Adam Road

So, this was the nasi lemak that people were talking about that was fit for Bruneian royalty. I remember having had nasi lemak in this food centre ages ago and it was probably from the neighbour which had the same snaking queue as this one (2 Adam Road, #01-02 Adam Road Food Centre).

In a nutshell, I think it wasn't too bad. The savoury basmati rice was delicious with the aroma of pandan and coconut and I liked that they didn't hold back whatever they had used to salt the rice. The chilli I supposed, was one of numerous renditions that was a pleasant balance of sweet and spicy. The other items weren't too memorable.

For a start, their crispy chicken wing was rather greasy and lacked flavour in the batter. These have got to be one of the most bland wings I've tasted. The bergedil was tasty in an earthy and savoury manner, but also a tad too greasy and soggy.  Otah tasted unusual. By unusual, I did not mean it in a bad way. It just not what I'm used to expecting from otah, lacking the spicy kick and all. I'll eat at this stall again if there wasn't so much of a queue, but that's really a big maybe there.

This wouldn't exactly be my go to place for nasi lemak when I have a craving. I think Kukus fits that bill better.

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