Sunday, February 10, 2013

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Gardens by the Bay

I've been hearing numerous mentions of this restaurant (18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-10 Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, tel : +65 6604 6604) and their signature coffee crab that was suppose to be at present juncture, unique. The owner, also chef had previously cut his teeth under some fairly prestigious mentionables like the positions of once executive chef at the vaunted Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific, Majestic Restaurant and Jade at Fullerton Hotel.

One of the starters we had was pickled cucumber and grapes in Kyoto dressing. The latter I'm guessing was a citrus, soy and sesame based derssing. Rather refreshing, even if expectedly so.

What was unexpectedly tasty were the deep fried lychees that were stuffed with lobster, crab and mushroom. Of which the presence of the former two came in the form of flavors and not textures. One can only stuff so much into lychees after all. The batter was surprisingly light for it's appearance and there was a flavor that almost felt like curry in this. Pretty good for deep fried things that I usually do not fancy.

I couldn't say that I was impressed by the seafood fried rice with tobiko. The rice was grainy, well fried and supplemented with great texture from the grains itself, bits of scallops and shrimp, meat floss of sorts and even rice crispies. It was just a pity that everything was bland.

I had been expecting nothing less than decent and at least a minimal of fruity flavors for the sweet and sour pork with strawberries, guava and green apples. My expectations I guess were met squarely.

Asparaguses and mushrooms stir fried with garlic were just that.

The kopi sauce tasted like Garrett's caramel popcorn. Albeit a much more full bodied version and had  a more pronounced bittersweet aroma that was actually quite addictive. This meant that we were licking the sauce off the shells before getting to the meat because there wasn't any other way to get to the sauce unlike chilli crab. The crab itself wasn't so impressive. Meat was stuck to the shell and any natural sweetness from the crustacean was overwhelmed by their really robust kopi sauce.

Mee sua with baby abalones were quite nice. That being said, the mee sua doesn't come with a rich abalone or shellfish flavor. I'm not sure if it should be. It just tasted like a very nicely done mee sua. While it said portions for 3-4 on the menu, I am pretty sure one hungry person could have finished it.

These cream filled mochi were really lousy. The cream had barely any flavor and the same could be said for the bits of strawberries in them. I could hardly identify those bits as strawberries. The stir fried nian gao tasted pretty good from the aroma brought about from the coating of dessicated coconut and sesame seeds. But it also tasted more like kueh ko swee than nian gao.

Couldn't say that the double boiled chinese pear dessert was memorable either because I'm actually having difficulty thinking of what to say about it. Nothing really registers.

Salted egg custard buns were just so so. In the recent years, these buns have become wildly popular. Mostly places that do dim sum have succumbed to offering them because they're generally well liked. The ones made here are sadly, not the better ones around. I'm thinking that dessert is not a forte here.

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