Sunday, March 03, 2013

Menya Sanji, Orchid Hotel

The number of ramen joints that have mushroomed in this island have started to becoming bewildering. Thankfully, my interest in them lies mainly within those of tonkotsu base and hiyashi chuka which usually limits the scope of these noodles joints that pique my interest.

Kagoshima's Menya Sanji (1 Tras Link, #01-14 Orchid Hotel, tel : +65 6604 8891) located quite conveniently in the central Tg Pagar district not a minute's walk from Keisuke's Tonkotsu King. Kagoshima which is the capital of the Kagoshima Prefecture sits in Kyushu, southwestern edge. The ramen style is hence underestandably similar to Hakata styled ramen but not the same. I'm not an expert on these, but the noticeable difference was a less heavy hand in the salt and oil along with noodles that aren't thin and wiry.

The broth was creamy and rich and as mentioned, much less salty. I was about to make the analogy between this and the Kyushu style ramen with decaf coffee and regular coffee, but I guess that wouldn't be quite accurate. I'd eat this again if opportunity presented, but I probably wouldn't drink decaf. The eggs were quite nicely in the hue of aged ivory but the flavor was somewhat lacking. The other pretty obvious thing that was noted was that charshu wasn't the soft variety. It was meaty and with much more bite.

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Daniel's Food Diary said...

I loved the soup, but did think that the char siew was slightly too tough.