Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wah Fung, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Well well.....we're back here in Wellington Street again. After having passed by this place (112-114 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, tel : +852 2544 3466) a number of times over the course of the past week, we finally decided to step in, sold by the images of the roasts and waxed meats hanging at the front of the shop .

I ordered a milk soda from the menu, imagining it to be something similar to a soda susu. I was slightly surprised when it arrived....erm, deconstructed. But all's good.

Starters was deep fried century eggs wrapped in squid paste.  These were quite delicious and easy to pop in the mouth one after the other.

Then we had deep fried pigeon which made pretty good snacks keeping our mouths and fingers busy while waiting for the other food to arrive.

Sweet and sour pork from Wah Fung was pretty tasty. Each of us have our own idiosyncratic preferences to this almost ubiquitous dish and while this didn't quite lean towards my regualr range of ideal matches of textures and flavors, I enjoyed these no less.  The cut of the meat used was fat laced rather than fat lined so the effect was juicy cuts of tender sweet pork. They had stir fried this dish with peaches here too it seems.

Generally, waxed meats products are minimally a notch up in HK compared to the ones back home. This claypot rice with mixed waxed meats were just that. It wasn't mindblowing, but just pretty decent stuff.

This was baked shrimp and garoupa with some cheese and ee fu noodles. The top with the cheese was briefly torched for a smokey effect in the flavors and the portions of this was huge. We were pretty glad that only two carbs were ordered for four of us as there was no way that we could have managed one each. I'm generally not big on starchy sauces, but this was ok.

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