Friday, May 31, 2013

Shami Banana Leaf Delights, Sembawang Road

Shami (349 Sembawang Rd, tel : +65 6754 3898) is a local Indian eatery of small fame up in the northen sector of this country that does a mean fiery red chicken masala with a spicy nutty paste. They used to be just a stall in the food court at Northpoint with a history for long queues. The food in recent times has become somewhat inconsistent. The same might be said for their queues. Not too far back, they setup up shop along Sembawang, somewhere just across the road from Khatib Camp.

The quality of the food I was told, is better here these days compared to the stall in the food court. Well, I'm not too sure about that. If this is an up in quality, does that mean that the one from the food court stall has truly fallen?

fish cutlet 

These balls of minced fish and potato were fairly tasty. As much as I'm avoiding comparison here, Samy's uglier looking ones are much better tasting than these.

butter chicken 

No complains about the butter chicken, but this will never beat Jaggi's.

Chennai cabbage?

 beans and beans


All orders of rice comes with two choices of vegetables. The rice doesn't seem to be as good as I remember them. Those vegetables are apparently, nothing much to write home about neither.

mutton masala 

Kashmiri and cheese naan 

Naans are rather small serving, lack fluff and run of the mill. I suppose they're not so good with making these.

 deep fried fish roe

We loved those freshly fried fish roe. So much that after dinner, we did a portion for take away as after dinner snacks! Sadly, these seem to come by uncommonly these days.

gobi manchurian

While these stir fried cauliflowers are not the most memorable, I suppose they were okay.

the washdown

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