Saturday, May 04, 2013

Triple Black Ramen from Tampopo

Steadily and surely, Tampopo unleashes more of their seasonal or limited run items on the world here. It has become difficult for me to revisit the stuff from the regular menu that I like.

I ordered this Triple Black Ramen because it looked badass. Like Darth Vader badass that's obsidian and reflects the abyss back to the approach.

It's triple black because of black broth, black noodles and black pig. The broth as I could gather, is a light vegetable and pork broth with squid ink. It came with noodles that were shaped like none of the variety that they're currently serving on the menu. Its a little like tagliatelle.

What isn't so obvious is that the within the inky broth, are fat laced minced pork and scattered bits of fish roe that provided abundant bursty texture (as fish roe does) and more chew to the textural medley. The orange stuff is a scallop with a really large coral and hidden just behind the shredded lettuce is an ajitama. Bleached white tone in contrast. Molten yolked and no less.

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