Saturday, July 13, 2013

Omakase Burger revisited

So, it seems that the flavor of the month here is their foie gras burger. As much as I had anticipated the misrepresentation that they did advertising it, the appearances still had me taken aback a little. Foie gras flavor? Sure, the word to describe the strength of those flavors is 'residual'. It was still a pretty well done thing with the juicy medium done patty that was beefy tasting that had gotten everyone talking about when they first opened up. It's just never going to win any awards for being a foie gras burger. Not by any stretch.

Now, the Mexican coke that they have. It tastes like the regular thing. The sweetness wasn't as cloying and it didn't leave so strong of an after taste.

Since foie gras isn't exactly cheap and Omakase Burger didn't start themselves on the basic level cheap enough too in the first place, it's pretty much a balancing act between keeping the liver amount "manicured" and maintain what is perceived by them to be a sweet spot for pricing or put enough of the gras that no one should ever doubt it for the monster it is, but at the risk of a cost that will turn people away.  What a pickle eh?


Anonymous said...

I think the coke likely tastes the same because what we have in singapore is also made with sugar, whereas the emphasis on mexican coke is likely made in countries where they use other sweeteners.

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks. This is news to me.