Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spizzico Ristorante Italiano, UE Square

Spizzico (81A Clemenceau Ave, #01-13 UE Square, tel : +65 6333 6174) is yet another one of those locations that I've passed by dozens of times and have never popped in, in spite of the curiosity. So it happened this time round with a last minute reservation on a Friday night and we managed to get a table.

The restaurant is rather cosy, reminds me of the defunct Al Forno Trattoria and Da Luca. The owner seemed to be a rather affable chap making his rounds constantly checking on needs.

These are rockets and mascarpone cheese rolled up in Parma ham. Pretty good, I liked that there were two levels of sweetness; one from the mascarpone and the other form the reduced balsamic glaze which worked with the saltiness from the ham.

Scarmoza cheese was delicious too with a tangy mushroom sauce and truffle oil. Actually, the charred and chewy cheese was the best part of it.

Spizzico's squid ink risotto was good. Rich and luxuriant with squid ink flavors good that is - has scallops still juiced up in their natural sweetness, a generous amount of squid and a couple of crunchy prawns. Good for returns.

And then a tenderloin with Gorgonzola sauce. The cut of the meat was thick and hefty, medium rare below the surface approaching almost rare in the middle. The steak could definitely have benefited with more generosity with their sauce for a piece of meat that size. Like what they do at Valentino. There's got to be enough to go around.

Tiramisu is a little dry. I like a bit more moisture.

As boring as I may have made this sound, I actually quite like what we had here tonight.

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