Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fu Xiang Chicken Rice, Toa Payoh Central

This place (J99 Eating House, 186 Toa Payoh Central) was certainly a good call for chicken rice and the stall certainly has the queue to back up the quality of their food.

Let's see what they did right here. The flavors in the rice was a little lighter than I expected and a little bit greasy. But it was still within what could be considered the boundaries of a properly done chicken rice and this case just meant that their ginger/garlic chilli sauce gets put to used. Now to the better accomplishments...

The turn over must have been quick that their roasted chickens had the opportunity to be served warm and with still that slight crisps on some of the edges of the skin. Their livers were just so pleasantly creamy and the roasted pork was tasty with their lightly crisp crackling and balanced meat to fat proportions. Sure puts some of the supposedly branded names to shame.

I was told that this particular coffee shop is well known for their ban mian as well. 


Kelly said...
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Willy said...

this is one of the best chicken rice I ever had