Friday, November 29, 2013

Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Meat Pork Mee, Hong Lim Food Centre

By a large number of if not most accounts that I've encountered, Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Meat Pork Mee (#02-42, Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross Street) is a verifiable institution on its own and has been in been in business since 1945. That's 68 years of cooking the same thing every year for over half a century and then, local media accolades line their stall front.

Boy was it underwhelming. I certainly couldn't reconcile how the very same media who can award similar accolades to Tai Hwa present the same glowing reviews to Ah Kow which was really a different beast altogether. And I'm not referring to the differences by Ah Kow in a positive manner.

Here's a large portion of their ba chor mee. The mee pok was simply not textured with enough strength to handle the viscosity of the sauce, which is neither spicy nor has the vinegar flavors even though this bowl was an option with both. It's suppose to be a certain traditionally made vinegar imported from China. I cannot quite understand how the reputation of that vinegar in the noodles came about when I cannot even taste it. Even the other Lau Dai Hua down at ION was a better bowl in my opinion. 

Or maybe I just needed to help myself with extra lard and vinegar. But it certainly doesn't excuse the dumplings that they included to be disappointingly boring.

To be fair, this wasn't a lousy bowl per se. It certainly didn't justify the 25-30 minutes I spent in the sweltering queue that I will never get back.

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ice said...

Pity this bcm didn't do for you. All the times I had it, the sauce is very vinegary even more so than Tai Hwa. I guess this bcm will appeal to traditional Teochews who prefer a more subtle version compared to Tai Hwa which comes across as very porky.