Monday, February 03, 2014

Tom yum pork noodles from MK Restaurant at Westgate

This looked very much like a bowl of street cart noodles from somewhere in Bangkok, but it wasn't. It was one of those lunch options from MK Restaurant (#B1-12, Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive) which I was against visiting since I've tried the one in BKK and it was so much more expensive to eat here. I was pretty much resigned to getting a lacklustre bowl of regular tom yum noodles when the first spoonful came and it hit me that this wasn't too bad at all. The broth was tangy, a little sweet and didn't rack up much on the heat. But it was light and delicious and so was the thinly sliced pork and generous portions of minced pork and crushed peanuts.

By the way, this came with the little bamboo basket on the side which contains a steamed taro with ginko nut bao. While the yam component wasn't very fragrant, the bun was still piping hot after the noodles with creamy fillings. I can't say that I disliked it.

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