Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, Mohd Sultan Road

This (25 Mohamed Sultan Road, tel : +65 67356739) was one of those places I kept telling myself I'll go to someday for quite a long time. Well, it finally happened today. As the name of the restaurant indicates, it's a Tuscan styled steak place. As with all Italian restaurants that serve bistecca in this country, non of the meat is from the Chianina/Maremmana cattle. The cooking method remains how bistecca is traditionally done but Bistecca uses a Wagyu-Holstein cross breed instead.

Service here was pretty good.

We started with some Pacific oysters. I'm not an expert with oysters, but these were pretty good.

And then roasted octopus tentacles with preserved lemons. The octopus was very nice too. The meat had a very distinguished char aroma. It reminded me of the ones at Valentino's but these here weren't as big. Then again, they were also not as expensive.

On hindsight, this tagliatelle with rabbit ragout, pancetta and porcini was a little small to share amongst three. That also meant that we liked it. At least I did. The texture of the noodles were excellent and the sauces, deliciously savoury.

This was the costata, boned in rib eye with MBS 6+. Not bad, but the marbling and flavor of the meat wasn't what I was expecting. The fat was not as evenly distributed as I had expected. It was just a large ribeye. To further clarify, it wasn't a bad piece of meat at any stretch; it was tasty, but didn't blow away anyone.

Some lentils with house guanciale.

I think you know what are these.

Thick cut, but not the most tasty of fries.

I may not have sounded very excited over all these, but the food on the whole was actually quite enjoyable. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the desserts, but the one with rhubarb is good. Actually so was the panna cotta. I spied their single portion steaks coming out of the kitchen on the way to the back of the restaurant. Don't mind trying them the next time.

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