Thursday, June 05, 2014

Running Man Korean BBQ Restaurant, Temple Street

I don't watch Running Man, but I have a faint clue what it's about since I do know people that watch it. That being said, I haven't any idea as to why this place was named Running Man Korean BBQ Restaurant (3 Temple St , tel : +65 8282 1004) apart from some set items on the menu that were under that namesake. Which we didn't order and went the a la carte route.

We ended up with the pork belly and jowl which were.....well, okay I guess. The former didn't quite taste satisfying. The vegetable wraps that they had provided felt sparse with only lettuce.

Their seafood pancake was really just passable. It's definitely not in the same league as the really tasty one done at Red Pig. I suppose that after Red Pig, my expectations rose and these ones didn't quite have enough body for texture from the ingredients which were also noticeably more sparse.

This was the first time I've had soon dae dry (Korean blood sausages). In fact, it was pretty damned dry. Should have gotten the ones in soup instead on hindsight.

Then a pretty disappointing beef rib soup which failed in the requisite of having sufficient beefy flavors. Even with all the spice, Arirang fared much better with their spicy beef soup. 

I've never tried Korean rice wine before so here's another first. You know what?  This thing tastes like the tapay that my grandmother used to make. With a smooth bubbly finish. Understandably so since these were the products of fermented rice.

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