Friday, September 19, 2014

Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction

This (200 Victoria Street, #03-29 Bugis Junction, tel : +65 6333 4434) is the same group that operates Platypus Lobster Shack down at China Square that does pastas and risottos. Apparently, they have brought over a few of their items down from the lobster shack into this restaurant, which makes it much more convenient than the latter location. Items like their allegedly limited crustacean bowl and some of their lobster rolls. What they do not have here, is the option for their lobster rolls to be ordered without the set. But the set here comes with fries and not chips.

This was actually a little disappointing. I was looking forward to their crustacean bowl which features a plethora of items including uni creme with the lobster. In execution, most of the flavours were lost except for the aburi-ed cheddar, the lobster and perhaps, those fish roe. The rest of the stuff were a jumble of flavours that didn't quite identify itself as anything. They could have taken out the uni cream and passed on the savings to us and no one would be wiser miss it. The portion was rather small for what they charged, but it tasted pretty good.

The lobsters from their roll here were a step down from the ones at the shack. The meat was literally shreds, not even small chunks. All that butter poaching didn't even leave behind much of the butter flavours. Oh yes, that urchin and lobster bisque is really just at best a cream of crustacean soup. It's not a bisque. I could buy frozen bisque from Fassler, microwave it and it would taste a lot more like a real lobster bisque. No uni flavours too. Which made us quite glad that we didn't shell out more for their uni roll. Their crab cakes are horrible. The meat was obviously frozen and minced to the point when it was close to being mushy. One could also see that a sizeable percentage of those cakes were the breaded crust.

One notices that a lot of their ingredients are obviously recycled into different dishes.

I wonder if their pastas would fare better.

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Junie said...

their pastas are nothing to shout about also