Sunday, October 05, 2014

Dumpling Yuan (餃子園), Wellington Street, Central

This slightly dodgy looking shop, which I noticed some years ago along Wellington Street does Chinese styled (Beijing?) dumplings. It also strangely seemed to share the same address as Tsim Chai Kee (98 Wellington Street, Central), but it's actually located just next door to the wanton noodle shop. We dropped by for something light and things turned out to be rather promising in this no frills joint.

This chilled diced tofu and century eggs were as it appeared. Topped with bits of chopped scallions and garlic in a soy based sauce. This stuff is pretty good nibbles for the warm summer evenings while waiting for the rest of the food to arrive.

We had only managed to try their mutton dumplings which were honestly, rather tasty. The marinated stuffings paired up nicely with the natural flavours of the mutton. The skins of the dumplings were not as thick as had feared, so I guess how they do the wrappers here works for me. The dumplings was served piping hot and juicy.

An innocuous looking plastic cup of hawthorn tea? Or so I had thought. I was almost dismissive of it until I took my first sip. It turned out to be the most powerful hawthorn tea (read thick, read delicious) I've ever had. The flavours were rich and punchy and certainly did more than its part as a palate cleanser for the grease in the food here. A whole load of herbal-ish sour and enough sweet to balance the taste. Note to self, come back again and order chilled hawthorn tea. There's also donkey meat on the menu.

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