Friday, October 31, 2014

Salted egg curry chicken from Curry Times

By happenstance, I chanced upon another monthly special at Curry Times (238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34 Velocity @ Novena Square, tel : +65 6354 3206) just a day or two before the dish gets rotated out just like the previous time I visited. This time round, it was a salted egg curry chicken. Really?  I've never come across something like this all my life and it sounded too good to pass up. When the dish was served, it looked disappointingly nothing like what was shown on their menu. I was initially feeling a little let down thinking that they had passed off what they claimed to be salted egg curry chicken by sprinkling some crushed salted egg yolk over the top.

Until I took the first bite of the cubed chicken without the salted egg crumbs. The flavours of the salted egg hit me in the palate and I realized that they had actually, as I had in mind, infused the salted egg into the curry itself. And there were actually some finely sliced chilli padi that helped add additional spikes of heat on that already moderately spicy nutty curry. This was so good.

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