Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tai Loke Hainan Chicken Rice, Queen Street

I've been trying to get a plate from this stall (269B Queen Street) for quite a while so this has finally happened. This stall doesn't even open until dinner time. While their chicken rice wasn't something that was so impressive that it'll blow your socks off, Tai Loke had some redeeming qualities. Their blend of drizzle sauce for the chicken was deliciously fragrant from the sesame and the meat was slurp off the bone tender. The rice, of the light flavoured variety was rather easy to inhale, especially with that drizzle sauce or even the aromatic dark soy. What didn't quite work out for me here was the their chilli which was both watery and garlicky.

I'd eat this again easily if I were in the vicinity, but it's not exactly one of those stalls that I'd go out of the way for.

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