Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mat Noh & Rose, Whampoa FC

Just a quick update on my first visit to Whampoa Food Centre after their recent renovation. I'm pretty sure that I hadn't seen this stall (#01-27, 91 Whampoa Drive) beside Granny's Pancake prior to the renovation. Certainly not something with an unusual name like that. Anyway, the stall front claims to sell authentic ginger fried chicken rice. I haven't a clue what that is but it certainly looked like very agreeable fried chicken. This turned out to be delicious. The fried chicken was quite tender and each order came topped with some crispy crumbs which might have been what the ginger was about. There was even option for adding deep fried chicken skin amongst the other offal.

I thought the rice deserved mention. It was moist, savoury and well flavoured and one could pair them with their chilli sauce; which was a nice balance of heat and sweetness rather than mostly sweetness. This won't be the last time I'm seeing this place for sure.

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