Friday, January 09, 2015

A recent couple of fried rice

That above is a bacon fried rice from Han's. Their technique of the stir frying as well as the ingredient that colours the rice differs in comparison to the egg coated variety which is generally regarded as superior. In general, technique, flavour and also texture. But this bacon fried rice did taste more satisfying that the last one that I had at Aberdeen fishball noodle shop which was of egg coated variety.  Yes, I just couldn't resist the comparison since we don't get so much bacon fried rice around. Maybe it's the smokier and crispier bacon.

This one below is from Cafe de Hong Kong. An often overlooked place with gems of their own. The fried rice is signature dish of theirs which involves fish roe (tobiko?). This stuff is pretty darned tasty. The excellent dispersion of the ingredient guarantees that every mouthful is filled with the bursty fish roe. And for something that's traditionally well coated with grease, it sure felt light and got inhaled easily. Those brown stuff over the top were are dried scallops. 

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