Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Plaster Blaster from The Prata Place ......wait, or was that Springleaf Prata Place

This was the Plaster Blaster, the entry to the Ultimate Hawker Fest in 2014 by Springleaf Prata Place. That's "the location formerly known as The Prata Place" for you if you didn't realise. It would seem that as the years went by, the items that get cobbled up by this shop gets simpler. The idea this time round fuses eggs Benedict with the plaster prata - a prata with the egg plastered over the top rather than on the inside. Hence the name I suppose. And because of the former counterpart in fusion, it's a poached egg with supposed curried hollandaise.

The idea was interesting, but I didn't think so much of the actual outcome.  While they got a very nice molten yolk out of the egg, their hollandaise was a little too sour and didn't taste of the curry flavours it was suppose to contain. I'd be quite happy to order their previous Hawker Fest items again but I've no interest left in this. It simply felt sloppy as a dish didn't taste very good.

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