Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boneless Chicken Rice near Yishun MRT

I hadn't eaten at this coffee shop for quite a while and didn't realise that the chicken rice stall had changed. This one was so much better than the previous. Their boiled chicken was tender and smooth and frankly, deboning the bird usually scores points with me. There was that sprinkle of deep fried garlic bits to differentiate from the usual stalls. 

Their beady rice was decent if not extraordinary. Works with their garlicky chilli sauce. This was one competent stall which while doesn't rank in the top of my list, made good eating if one had the craving. Which is actually saying something considering that there are literally tonnes of chicken rice shops in the country. And oh yes, they threw in a complimentary bowl of peanut and chicken soup as well. Very drinkable stuff compared to what many pass off as soup.

This shop is located just a minute's walk away from the train station (Yishun St. 72, Blk 744, S-11 Coffeeshop).  By the way, the stall is really just called 'boneless chicken rice'. Watch out for the queue.

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