Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chicken rice from The Ship

I heard about the existence of the chicken rice from The Ship some years ago, but have never actually had a chance to try it since the only time that it was available is during Thursday lunches. So today it finally happened. It seemed that almost every neighbouring table is either having this or their fish soup noodles.

To be fair, it was a very competent chicken rice. I would have preferred a bit more flavour in the rice but being lightweight on the palate meant that I could decisively use more of the chilli which was limey and pleasant. The amount of chicken that came with it was the equivalent of at least two regular servings (or more depending) than if you had gotten chicken rice from a regular shop.

While this is not going to give me yearnings like Sin Kee does, it was really good enough to be an anytime fall back option. A go to that I wouldn't think twice about. Assuming that I happen to be here on Thursday afternoons and felt like spending $12.90 for a chicken rice lunch. Oh, it's a dollar twenty for an additional bowl of that rice there.

Dessert today was a cream puff.

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