Saturday, July 04, 2015

RedRing Treasures, Food Republic @ Wisma Atria

Remember those guys that cooked their wanton noodles by machine automation? Well, it seems that they have a stall (Stall 6, Food Republic, Wisma Atria) now at the Food Republic with an expanded menu that includes stuff like pan fried dumpling and even fried onion blossoms.

They are still cooking those egg noodles by machine. Here's a plate of them with fried pork and chicken cutlet. In retrospect, they could have had the best tasting cutlets in this branch of Food Republic if not for the existence of Udon Goen. Right now, these are simply outclassed. Hands down. Still pretty decent egg noodles in a spicy sauce that attempts to taste like the wanton noodle mixture of old though.

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