Friday, September 11, 2015

Essen @ The Pinnacle

This space (#01-01 The Pinnacle @ Duxton, 1 Cantonment Road) certainly has evolved much since the last time I passed by. I remember it used to be a generic food court that was more than half empty and looked to be dying. Lo and behold, it’s a lot more spiffy today and a lot more expensive as well. And with it the crowd.

So here's a pizza and fried chicken dinner. The former came from a stall called La Stalla, non-Neapolitan styled thin crust. The menu mentioned mortadella ham, but it didn't look like those to me. And those odd loosely scattered raisins. Wasn't too bad though. Those fried chicken wings were from Two Wings that has another shop at Salut. Speaking of which, the folks from Immanuel French Kitchen at Salut have another French food stall by the name of Garçons here. By the way, there's Asahi Kuronama on tap!

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