Saturday, September 26, 2015

Re-revisiting Pizza Fabbrica

This was just a return trip waiting to happen since we pretty much enjoyed what we had from the last visit to Pizza Fabbrica. This time round, a pasta and a pizza. 

The former - pappardelle made in house with Challans duck and orange ragout. There was a light perfume of orange in the sauce while most of the actual orange bits came from carrots. I had been imagining more citrus from the orange though. The ragout was both savoury and hearty while the noodles had excellent bite texture, just like the ones from Cicheti. What really rounded up all the good flavours were the decent portions which proved that there is much better value to be found here than the tiny servings Gattopardo. Definitely good for returns.

Pizza was one with prosciutto di Parma, walnuts, Gorgonzola and figs. A light punch from the blue cheese bolstered with more saltiness from the strips of prosciutto and a countering touch of sweetness from the figs. I thought we would have done as well without those walnuts.

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