Saturday, September 19, 2015

Surf and Turf at Lawry's

This was some September deal for Surf or Turf from Lawry's. The operative word here is 'or' so basically, it's a dinner option of either seafood or meat.

The Surf

The starter for seafood were seared Hokkaido scallops and shrimp. No complains about the seafood, but nothing to embellish neither. The stuff at the bottom was a mango an strawberry salsa of sorts. It would have been awesome if not for coriander. Why?!

The main frutti di mare were their lobster tails which can also be found on their regular menu. It's not bad. I've just noticed that the clarified butter that they used were unsalted. I guess salted would have been nicer with the lobster

The dessert was called Sweet Creation. It looked like a Lovecraftian wedge reaching through a smudge of an ochre portal with squirmy tentacles. Brownie points for that coming from Lawry's. Imaginations aside, it was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry and "fronds" of fried cinnamon thingys/crackers. It's not bad. Actually, most of the their desserts apart from their raspberry trifle was not bad.

The Turf

The earth bound starter was a 7 spice duck confit. 7 spices were too much for me to comprehend so I had no idea what was in it. I thought it wasn't too bad, but two thin slices of duck was simply miserable. The little round thing at the top was macaron with their horseradish cream. That was also quite good. I've always liked their horseradish cream.

We picked their Prime Black Angus ribeye for the main. It was actually not the best show of Prime meat or Black Angus cattle. While the flavour and the aroma were so, the meat was dry and rather sinewy. Not sure if this was a one off, but I'll stick to their prime rib in the future. 

Odd contraption for serving the steak on which I found amusing. Each piece of vegetable were mounted on a fork that was soldered onto the hanger attached to the serving board.

The terrestrial dessert was called Secret Garden. On the top was a lemon tart. Most of that little tart was crust with a thin spread of lemon curd on top. I personally felt that it was too much crust and too little lemon.

The rest of the dessert was at the top (or bottom depending on perspective) of the inverted glass - to be had with what was described as salted yolk sauce.

This dessert was rich. It was made of mascarpone cream and so yes - it tasted like tiramisu. Because everything was rich and creamy, the salted yolk sauce simply added on to the richness. All I could taste of the sauce was butter. But it was quite nice so as a whole, no complains here too.

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