Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Sushi Bar, Ngee Ann City

nama yuba uni

My understanding of the word chirashi or chirashizushi has always been the standard definition of “scattered sushi”; representing scattered fish over sushi rice. Later on, I got acquainted with another similar type of donburi known as the kaisen don which is a literal translation of seafood rice bowl. From what I had understood, the main difference for the layman (that includes myself) was that the chirashi - as a variant of sushi uses vinegared rice while the kaisen don uses regular rice. Today, I found out that there was actually a kaisen chirashi don. Yes, this (#05-34/35 Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road) was the same place as the one back in Far East Plaza with a waitress asking about a curry fish head order. They’ve expanded and this is the other newer outlet with a lot more seating space and staff.

ankimo tofu with uni and ikura

The menu had expanded with the same magnitude as the seating space. There was quite a lot of stuff and for a casual Japanese joint, it was kudos for effort. Their ankimo tofu was a surprising find and so was the nama yuba which honestly tasted quite nice. Then, their chirashi bowl which was a coalition of the usual suspects of sashimi/sushi - sake, mekajiki, maguro and hamachi....with some scallops. The quality of their seafood was decent if unexceptional and portions were quite generous to boot. I didn't dislike anything in particular, but there was something about it all that didn't quite make me feel that the food was truly satisfying. In fact, as I was finishing up, I thought that I wouldn't have minded at all topping up a few dollars more and dropping myself something that would have more than just the usual suspect variety at Kaiho Sushi over this.

aburi-ed chirashi don

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