Monday, October 05, 2015

Hon maguro nodo set from Nakajima Suisan

Tuna has been off the menu for a while (at least times that I've passed by) now at Nakajima Suisan and when I saw hon maguro nodo on their specials, I knew that I wanted one. At that point of time, I hadn't any idea what nodo was. But through the verb that has these days become the representative for 'search' in this era, I realised that nodo actually refers to the throat. So my first bluefin tuna throat.

And the meat was good. Unctuous, tender and flavourful of the fish lined with fat and clad in that crisp exterior from the grill. Speaking of fat, there was even a portion that had charred fat that I got reminded of a sirloin. I'm not sure how long this is gonna be available, but I've a feeling that the next time I'm here, it'll probably be off the menu.

something deep...

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