Tuesday, November 10, 2015

333 Bak Kut Teh, Balestier Road

We've passed by this ba kut teh shop (333 Balestier Road) on numerous occasions and have been wanting to give it a go, but it had been also one of those places that never quite happened for some reasons until today. But as of today, this would be the second ba kut teh shop that I've eaten at along Balestier. The first and only other being Founder

So here goes the number of half the Beast. I think we liked pretty much everything from what we've ordered. What we could pick on were the stiff fried crullers and their dry and beady rice. Both weren't so great at absorbing all the drippings and broths. Those preserved mustard greens could also do with a lot less grease.

Otherwise, their tender braised intestines were superb and flavourful; tau kwa was oddly textured but full of the goodness from its braising broth and the pork ribs were so tender that I could swipe the meat off the bone with chopsticks. The main broth for the ribs was peppery and garlicky altogether, but for some reasons felt a little flat. I've no qualms eating here again if I'm in the vicinity though.

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