Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kay Lee Roast Meat, Upper Paya Lebar

Truth be told, I've never heard of Kay Lee (125 Upper Paya Lebar Road) until the recent years when they were mentioned online about the sale of their stall/name/recipe which went for 4 million SGD by the way. Living in the smallest country in the world and blogging about food I've been eating in general for almost a decade; I have never prior to that buzz heard of this apparently famous roast meat stall. That about sums up my relationship with them.

So I happened to be in the vicinity and since they were within walking distance, I decided to give them a go - with little on expectations. Actually, they aren't bad at all. Pricey, yes. That was $7 for something that I could normally get for at least a couple of bucks less. That meant that the food was easily about 50% above "street value". But it sure as hell didn't suck. Their widely mentioned char siew was rather nice and even their roasted duck breast was moist and tender. And they have better gravy than 90% of the country. Okay I made up the last statistic, but that's to drive an understated point.

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