Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison, Capitol Piazza

Ma Maison has a new shop (13 Stamford Road, #B2-51 Capitol Piazza, tel : +65 6384 6211) down at the shiny new Capitol Piazza that sells mainly ramen and tonkatsu. And from their ramen selection, there's Hokkaido cheese ramen; made from a gouda cheese from Hanabatake Bokujo, a dairy farm in Hokkaido. I'm again easily sold sometimes. 

So that cheese, a mild variety by the way added some milkiness and another dimension to their tonkotsu shio broth. Doesn't hit hard at all. I guess the obvious purpose of being mild allows it not to mask the flavour of their broth and they weren't willing to entertain request for extra cheese. The bowl turned out much lighter than I had imagined and rather enjoyable. I wouldn't travel here specifically just for this, but certainly wouldn't mind eating it again if I'm around the corner. 

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