Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Okamochi Box barachirashi set from Ryu's

I saved myself from damnation and came back to Ryu's. This time, we tried their barachirashi served in the Okamochi box. A wooden box with drawer compartments for food. Gimmicky? Perhaps - but it was an experience and more importantly, we enjoyed the food.

This was part of the amuse bouche. A lightly spiced carrot bisque. I couldn't tell what spices were in it but the soup was creamy and very pleasant.

The Okamochi box. The bottom drawers contained the barachirashi.

Top drawer was grilled chicken and a vegetable side which I believed was gobo.

The barachirashi came with cubed let's see - kanpachi, maguro, hotate, ikura, ika, bit of what looked like minced ebi; and there were thinly sliced & marinated shitake and renkon.

In the Okamochi box, were some seaweed sheets, a dollop of wasabi and a makisu. We tried our hand at rolling our first maki rolls ever. The virgin experience if you would.

Truthfully, I sucked at it. I had no idea what I was doing and certainly couldn't grasp how the chefs could work these things so artfully on YouTube. My clumsy hands ended up rolling the seaweed sans the mat. It looked rustic. But hey, it tasted good!

The grilled chicken look like torched chicken. The skin was charred like it had gone through aburi. But there was a familiarly sweet flavour like pandan

And the set ended with the same warabi mochi with kinako and drizzled brown sugar as the last time.

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