Thursday, March 10, 2016

Soto ayam from Rahim Muslim Food

There were a couple things that stood out. The first was the amount of chicken that they gave and the second was the begedil. That begedil was so dense that it couldn't absorb any of the broth. After a bite, I found that the interior was totally dry even though it had been soaking for a while. Neither are complains. Just observations.

If anyone is wondering about that broth, it was boosted with their dark soya sauce with chilli. A "rivulets of perspiration down the scalp into the face" kind of heat. Which was not unenjoyable but pretty much killed any of the more subtle flavours. But in retrospect, I'm pretty sure I'd pick their mee rebus over their mee soto if I had to eat at Rahim's again. 

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