Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More beefiness from Sandaime Bunji

We didn't get any tongue this time round at Sandaime Bunji. Haha!

There was though a US ribeye steak teishoku set in their lunch menu. That 300g of cow was nicely grilled but a little more cooked than the medium rare that we had asked for. Wasn't really an issue though.

The kickass item from their lunch menu was their wagyu round roast beef set. From what we were told, there's a limited quantity prepared daily. The bowl had 250g of shaven roasted beef on rice with barley. If the picture didn't already convey how good it was, I would like to add the adjectives tender and flavourful. Am pretty damn sure I would come back for this again. 

For dessert, we tried their chamame ice cream. An actual vegetable ice cream if you would. Chamame apparently is a variety of edamame. We were expecting a nuttier flavour but it tasted like sweet corn ice cream. 

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