Thursday, September 22, 2016

No. 3 Crab Delicacy, Outram Road

I’ve seen No. 3 Crab Delicacy (265 Outram Road, tel : +65 6327 2148) around for a number of years but have never really had the opportunity to be in the vicinity long enough to remember or consider them until recently. If anyone was wondering, they’re a local cze char (an old school one at that) and are also known for their crab dishes. I guess that much would be evident from their name. Heh.

That's their bee hoon with clams. Noodles had a good bite and the garlic-ky broth was pretty tasty spiked with some heat from the sliced bits of chilli padi. Note to self - the small portion is good for only one.

The dish that we had for the first time ever in any rendition was their rojak styled chicken. We never realized that such a cool thing existed. This was essentially battered fried chicken heaped with julienned cucumber, guava and turnip that were tossed in rojak sauce with crushed peanuts. The consistency of the sauce was a little thinner than what one normally gets in rojak but I thought this worked even though I would have preferred a little more viscosity. And more crushed peanuts. We actually enjoyed this.

In the interest of a healthy balanced diet, stir fried kailan with garlic. The bits of brown stuff on the top were crushed ti poh (dried sole). It added a toasty umami aroma to the vegetables but there was a little too little to go around all the greens.