Sunday, February 05, 2017

Ristorante Da Valentino 2017

Another few years have whisked by since our last visit to Valentino's. If you're wondering why we took so long, it's mostly because of their location. Not exactly the most accessible of places.

Today they had sakura ebi tossed with bottarga special that was off the menu. Those little shrimps were freshly fried and had a nice crisp. Paired with the briny bottarga, it was addictive to say the least.

This was their Bormio salad - with julienned apples, pine nuts, ricotta cheese and a an appetizing dressing. Tasty stuff.

We had a pretty good saffron risotto with porcini. Beady grains infused with the flavour of saffron and cheese. One of those things that some people would be wont to say is uncomplicated and tasty.

There was also a spaghetti frutti di mare with olive oil and bottarga. Couldn't get much from the oil but there was also zesty lemon which together with the cured roe made very good flavours on the pasta. The prawn even had some head fat!

Dessert was a conservative profiterole. Conservative and trusty.

And a nice glass of chilled moscato for lunch.

While it may sound cliché, Valentino's is a great place to eat. Getting pricier by the years though.

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