Monday, April 03, 2017

Morton's Sunday Lunch

It's been a while since our last visit. Not counting their bar that is. But thanks to their CRM tools, Morton's remembers us. The decor of the interior has changed some. Those glass panels letting the sun in were actually a good idea. A bit of furnishing has been replaced and the layout has changed a little. Otherwise, it's not unrecognizeable from the old setup which looked a little more dark and golden. 

We've been here enough times to know that we have to manage their onion loaf so it's half time at half a loaf even though it was tempting to go on with their salted butter. The other half gets bagged home.

The lunch comes with a small cup of lobster bisque. Piping hot, umami-stic and crustacean-ily flavoured with a velvet texture. The atrocity of made up words.  There was also a chunk of the tail meat in the bisque. 

We've never had their centre cut iceberg before and have alway wondered what it was all about. Today we found out. While this wouldn't be considered healthy as salads went - damn, this was good eating. What worked for us were the chilled crisp leaves, the cream & blue cheese, bits of egg and bacon that made it a delight to eat.

Our last experience with their prime rib was a long time back. Here's 10 years later, eating it again and an opinion. We prefer Lawry's slow roast version that doesn't get onto the grill. They've also got tastier creamed spinach but Morton's win with their mashed potatoes which were tastier on its own.

One of the desserts we picked was the key lime pie. We picked it because we've never had it from Morton's before. The fillings had a nice flavour from the lime and was rather sweet. I thought it was nicely done but if I had to choose, I'd pick the green one from PS Cafe over this.

Their chocolate mousse was smooth and airy. While it wasn't out of this world amazing, it was still nice. Because it didn't taste as sweet as the pie, it was also a lot easier to eat.

After the sweets, this was the perfect drink for closure. Black and no sugar. Not one of the more aromatic coffee around, but drinkable stuff because there was some strength in it.

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