Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Masses, Beach Road

Remember Taste Affair which is run by one half of the former duo behind Saveur/Saveur Art? The Masses (85 Beach Rd, tel : +65 6266 0061) is opened by Dylan Ong, the other half. From the vibe, this feels like Saveur 2.0 that has drifted away from the French roots and a restaurant interior that feels more brightly lit.

They have a chicken collagen veloute which has clams and according to the menu - duck fat and scallion oil. It tasted like buttery chicken broth.

I'm pretty sure their chilled C&C pasta is the spiritual successor to the other pasta with sakura ebi back in Saveur. This has crabmeat and caviar. The crab meat which is in the gloopy sauce that tasted almost like kani miso. I'm pretty sure it wasn't but it had that sweet crustacean-y flavour. Pretty good.

There's octopus tentacles which seem to be trending in many restaurants in recent years. The tentacle was well roasted with an accompanying char and the respective aroma from the char. The orange blob on the side is a gochujang aioli and the other thing is pickled lotus root with fennel seeds.

Foie gras on brioche was delicious. Don't know why the need for the granola though. I'm not so sure that chewy oats make a complementary texture.

Their U.S. Black Angus striploin was okay. Competently done if not particularly outstanding. The potato mille feuille was nice. Each layer was light and the edges were crisp.

The deep fried Camembert cheese was small and not exactly outstanding if you asked me. The yoghurt ice cream wasn't particularly yoghurt-y (I'm measuring them against llaollao) and the gula melaka granola's flavour eluded me.

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