Monday, May 01, 2017

Victory Seafood, Neil Road

We came across this cze char stall at the end of Bukit Pasoh (120/122 Neil Road, tel : +65 62224889) by chance. The shop looked unremarkable but their food was not bad.

We had claypot tofu. I was surprised that these guys didn't use those circularly shaped egg tofu which most cooked food stalls do these days. Which isn't a bad thing since these ones were quite nice. What's not visible from the dish are tau kee (dried bean curd sheets) and strips of pork belly that's in the bottom of the claypot. 

There was a deep fried chicken with some chilli glaze. The Chinese name of the dish translates to 'Mala roast chicken' but the flavour is nothing like that. This was much less spicy and even had a little bit of sweetness from what I'm guessing to be caramelized sugars. The bird had pretty crisp skin that's well salted, featured tender meat and those garlic chips on the top were crisp and fragrant.

I thought their stir fried kailan was pretty awesome. There was enough soy sauce flavour which made it deliciously salty and a smokey wok hei to the crunchy vegetables.

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