Sunday, July 09, 2017

Re-visiting iO Italian Osteria

Here's back in iO and a couple of noir filters shots from the iPhone. Coming back and seated where we were allowed me to absorb the decor in a different light from the first visit. These full glass panels and industrialized theme ceilings brought back memories of Beef & Liberty.

I noticed that they have a house brew on menu. It wasn't as smooth as the server described it to be but I suppose they're not known for beers. 

We grabbed some gnocco fritti off their board featuring weekend specials. That's the fried bread stuffed with cheese and some salumi - a trio of fennel (finocchiona perhaps), chilli and pepper salami along with some shaven prosciutto of sorts. Looked and tasted like speck. More bread would have been nice.

That's spinach spatzle with Fontina fondue, braised onions and bacon bits. The sauce made the pasta deliciously buttery and cheesy.

There was baked stingray with a honey citrus sauce thing. I don't think it was fresh stingray. The texture of the meat didn't feel like it. Possibly a frozen fish but I cannot be sure. But the sauce made up for the slightly lacklustre textures and as a dish, it was quite enjoyable.

Their pistachio tiramisu was nice. But then again, we were expecting it to be so because Etna.

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