Friday, August 04, 2017

Back in Dehesa

It's been a while - almost two years since we were at Dehesa. JP wasn't in the kitchen today but we still had pretty good food.

We tried the crispy tripe that we missed the last time. Crispy with a little bit of chewiness flavoured by chilli, romesco and garlic chips. 

The duck hearts are still amazing. I will still eat them again in a duck's heartbeat.

Dehesa has also gotten themselves a successful plate of flavours through olive oil marinated octopus on anchovy flavoured mash covered in torched lardo.

Their steak tartare was a flavour of their own - perhaps not as bold as the French ones but still delicious the same. That piece of golden brown thing on the side are fried potatoes. Dehesa's rendition of patata bravas. And it's really good fried potato.

I liked the salted padron peppers. A bit of smokiness from the char and the aromatic flavour of the pepper. 

This was a different way of doing the ox tongue from the last time. While I liked this, I prefer the previous method.

There was figateddu on their specials board. A sausage made with pork meat and liver and according to them - blood. There was delicious richness from the blood paired with a saltiness through the coarse textures. Yum! And yeah, more of their crispy fried potatoes.

We tried their croqueta. The insides were very creamy and tasty but these guys were seriously running out of jamon iberico.

Last plate of the night was pig's skin tagliatelle. There was a lot of bite from the cubed pork and pig skin "noodle" - the latter which gave off much flavour and collagen-ic stickiness the more you chewed them. 

If there was anything that I thought could have been improved, it would be for these guys to update what they currently have on menu. The one on their website is out of date and it's quite obvious that they don't bother updating on social media. While I occasionally enjoy surprises, I enjoy even more knowing what I'm going to eat.

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