Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Brasserie Gavroche 2018

This was an ad hoc decision over the last weekend to swing by to Brasserie Gavroche and it was quite the stroke of luck that we were able to snag seats without having to wait. We've been expectantly looking forward for their lamb sweetbread salad to make a come back to the menu but so far, we hadn't much luck.

This could be the first time I've had a poultry terrine. And from what I know, it was obvious that which particular poultry was being referred to. Now I'm not sure why that bird wasn't specifically referenced. Tasted like chicken. Not so much herby flavours from the herb jelly.

The heirloom beetroot was delicious. Sweet and earthy and refreshingly flavoured, bolstered by their dressing and some sugary walnuts.

Steak tartare was delicious too. This would fall under it's own category of tasty since we've had numerous and quite a number of them were good in their own ways. 

Was torn between roasted quail and confit Pyrénées lamb shoulder confit. The lamb eventually won. This was so good. Tender fall apart meat laced with some fat for that lamb-y flavour and capped with a golden crisp crust. Salted and flavoured by the accompanying lamb jus. Kickass lamb jus if I might add.

Sautéed spinach with confit garlic on the side for that quota of greens in the meal.

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