Sunday, March 04, 2018

A quick update on Etna

We were here for lunch over the weekend.

Tuna tartare was pretty good. Refreshing with their avocado cream.

There was a squid ink pasta with orange scent. A weekend special and a robust flavour from the flavour of the ink coming through. The orange scent was apparently made by crumbled dessicated orange peel (those powdery stuff that might have looked like bottarga) which lent their flavour to the pasta. I thought it might have been improved to have some fresh orange peel grated over the noodles too. Speaking of oranges, I still wonder if their orange risotto will ever make its way back to their menu.

The presentation of their ciriole alla Norcina has changed a little. They've gone with the truffle puree smudges on the sides of their bigger plates which has made it a little fancy but not much else has changed. It did feel less saucy previously and the old presentation had a more rustic appeal.

Etna seemed to be using capsule coffee machines. Honestly quite surprised at their rather untraditional option. The strongest capsule that they had unfortunately couldn't make a good affogato. There simply wasn't the strength and aroma that could sufficiently pair with the creamy ice cream. Senso is still the king here. Hell, even Otto's Deli Fresh has better.

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