Thursday, March 01, 2018

Fish and Fries and Chocolate Pie from McD

Hit the brakes for a moment y'all. I know, McDonalds. The widely and maybe globally reviled/adulated pair of golden arches mascot-ed by a clown that’s equally as horrifying as Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard. In fact ol Ron could be worse. Sunken deep into various recesses of generations, our childhoods - that us the weak ones still subconsciously subscribe to what it hands out.

So today's the launch of McD's fish and fries here. Slightly stiff battered frozen fish with just a little of what I thought might have been a hint of garlic and lightly salted. Meat was predictably a little dry. So if anyone's wondering, this isn't gonna dethrone Long John Silver's also frozen fish. Not that those were good in the first place but maybe their batter is a little better. First and last.

The chocolate pie is apparently talked about. Viral even as some grapevines on the web described after it was launched in Korea (and Bangkok and Japan) earlier in the year. It's not bad for a fried pie with the same crust as the regular apple variety. Not as sweet as the fudge that they used in their sundaes. It's pretty much as they described with the hot gooey chocolate lava. That chocolate was actually a little better than what I thought it might have been. I honestly wouldn't mind it again but it's not exactly going to get me any cravings. 

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ClaudiaMorningstar said...

Maybe its stupid, but i love foods from Mc. I wish try this cake.