Friday, March 30, 2018

La Strada reborn

We decided to stroll into La Strada today and in happenstance found out that this was the second day of their operations after the renovations from the beginning of the year which we had no idea had happened. Gone was the rustic looking trattoria facade. The interior had morphed into something a little more clean looking, classy and contemporary. I personally preferred the previous setup over this.

We were initially worried that much have changed into something else we wouldn't like. The menu has gone through a shake up and most of the old stuff aren't around anymore. A handful of their signature dishes/desserts were still around. But as we ate, we realized that our fears were unfounded.

Even the new greeny sprouty salad with the raw sliced cruciferous greens and alfalfa was surprisingly tasty. I know, right? I wouldn't have believed that either before eating them. 

We were definitely impressed by their fatty lamb ribs; rich and greasy with those lamb-y fragrance upon layred and tender "slip off the bone" meat.

Also outstanding was a butterflied and grilled sea bream where the quality of the fish spoke for itself just underneath the veneer of expert preparation.

I didn't like the cannoli. It wasn't that the pastry was bad. Their choice of fillings were probably just not my thing. 

Tiramisu was unexpectedly good. "Juicy" even. The lady's fingers were well soaked and we could taste the alcohol from their liqueur of choice beneath the airy mascarpone cream. Possibly the best rendition we've had since Angeleno.

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