Saturday, March 03, 2018

Revisiting Hokkaido Izakaya

We came back to see if Hokkaido Izakaya have had any kind of updates to their food. Apparently apart from the seasonal items which seemed to be just a small selection, not much has changed.

This time round, scallop liver sashimi was available. We ordered some. Thy were pretty good. There was some natural sweetness from the meat which paired nicely with the sesame oil and salt dip it was accompanied with.

Tomatoes were nice too. Firm, fresh and sliced up with a sprinkle of salt and some mayo to smoothen the flavours. 

Their chilled chawanmushi with snow crab didn't look like the picture in the menu which showed a little mound of crab meat. This looked like it had a pinch of it. There were more flavours coming in from the bursts of the ikura.

The waitress sold us their yanaginomai yaki (known as yellow rockfish on the menu) claiming that it was good. The fish was a little small and had meat that was more crumbly rather than the ideal firm flakiness. Sure it was tender but there was not so much flavours going on beyond all the salt on the skin. Maybe this simply wasn't my kind of grilled fish.

Warm potato salad was actually pretty good because of the smoked egg they mashed in it. I could understand why this was a popular item.

Here's a supposed bowl of asari boiled in sake and dashi. I'm not sure if I could taste anything from the latter two ingredients in the broth. Maybe only a little bit of clams which made it quite a disappointment. The clams were tasty though.

We ordered their salmon milk miso nabe again.

Still nice like I remember it. A milky broth with cheesy and miso flavours that eventually will be sweetened by the vegetables that accompanied it. I wouldn't recommend for the salmon to be cooked all the way through. Those slices definitely would have been over cooked by the time the greens are sufficiently wilted.

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