Saturday, March 10, 2018

Revisiting Kra Pow Thai Restaurant

If it wasn't obvious the last time round that we enjoyed the food at Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, here's us coming back. While the dishes aren't the same as what one can get in Bangkok, they were also not so far off.

Their pad krapow moo was pretty solid by the way. Savoury, spicy and comforting minced pork with chopped beans and chilli with rice that was comforting as all pad krapow should be.

Got a plate of their seafood pad kee mao this time round. Though I cannot be sure, I thought this was a better flavour than the pork rendition from the previous round. In any case, both were delicious. While it cannot be seen on this photo, there was actually a chunk of fish in there.

I recall mentioning that their stir fried kailan was a nicely done dish. I still stand by that statement.

Some fried squid tentacles were also ordered. They were just regular fried squid tentacles and I'm pretty sure that something similar can be found elsewhere.

For some reasons, the yum woon sen was the last dish to arrive. It was also pleasantly warm for a salad. There was a nice lime-y flavour together with the fish sauce with textures going on. The only things I thought would have improved it was some crushed peanuts and some mint leaves. 

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